Monday, April 11, 2011

Today is the day

I have been talking with friends and reading posts of people going down to the current and catching brown trout. Ever since my first trout on the fly rod I have hoped to catch a beautiful brown or Brooke trout. I have been tying flies all week in preparation for this trip all week and I had even made some flys that truly surprised me. I worked on a zonker furr fly with an articulated back with two hooks. The rest of the flies where a combination of zonkoras and slumbusters. I arrived at the parking lot around nine o'clock. I wadered up and hit the water and threw my streamers over and over again. After two hours I switched to a soft hackle for the rainbows and fished a riffle and landed a small fish. When I brought it to my hand I almost wept at the perfection which wriggled and undulated in my hand. It was a perfect representation of a brown trout in miniature around five or six inches. I was thrilled to see it and after a conversation with my friend Will, check his blog here I found out that this trout is probably a stream born little guy. I caught another brown with the soft hackle and he popped out of my, hand must have been camera shy. I received a little insider information and quickly moved up stream above my usual place and fish new to me water. The river up there is breath taking and I spotted a few nice browns but I spooked one and couldn't catch the other. I tied on my articulated bunny with a strung marabou collar and of course a little flash. I was in my element swinging the fly past large rocks and deep pools as instructed and had a few choice hits. Finally I hooked a decent brown on the second hook and popped him off close to the shore. I then caught another small sub stocking size brown trout to end the day as my body and mind where beginning to shut down. I decided to call it a day and head home leaving a little unfinished business to attend to on my return trip.

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