Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Reddington

I had been admiring my friend Chris's 8.6 ft Reddington CT when he purchased a very nice sage rod and reel so needless to say he was in the market to sell his old rod. I have been meaning to expand my very small fly rod collection so I quickly inquired about the CT. I tried the rod out at my favorite old pond on a chilly late September morning. I was pleased to land four fish in the process of the rod trial. The rod performed spectacularly and I was able to back hand and side cast very far and with ease. The CT excelled in the overhanging forest which dots the shoreline of this lake and I was able to fish the small but extremely productive cove in a much more productive manner.
I continued to fish away from the honey hole and tree choked cove and found an area where I could put the rod through some long casting paces. I was happy to have a longer 3 wt that I could cast farther and more accurately, yet I would still have the feel of a light fly rod which I must say is addicting. I have found it very hard to graduate to a heavier rod but i will be acquiring a bigger stick soon for bigger trout and rougher water.
I began to target the rising bg's around the shore, which I could happily do for hours. I switched to a secret blue gill killer I had purchased from TJ hargroves a couple of days before. I should take this opportunity to explain the environment of this shady looking fly shop. I arrived at the shop one Saturday morning to my surprise the shop was a very old house right on Manchester road. I opened the door to a cacophony of raised and grizzled voices from the old timers who every Saturday right at opening time swarm the fly tying table which is messier and more cluttered then the disaster in my house. They were arguing about technology which quickly changed into a argument concerning hackle. I must say I love this place because i will take every opportunity i have to look at things I won't buy but I love to listen to the guys haze and poke fun of each other.

The shop has a very homey atmosphere and provides daily coffee and in the winter there is a crock pot of chili or some soup like substance. Nothing against feather craft but if I'm going to drop a large sum of money on flies or fly fishing gear I want to feel like I am at home. This place is amazing in every sense of the word because it is covered in gear in no apparent organization or order. I think Hargrove just crams things where ever there is room and you know what I admire that because the other shops are very sterile and organized or are setup to make you spend more money by highlighting special buys. I am not trying to push the fly shop on any one but it is important to know that they are a small independent shop that is not short on character. Any ways back to the fly fishing...

I placed a cast next to a sunken log which and twitched the small bead head fly with a black chenille body and black legs. The image of the log erupted into a red ear which broke the surface with my fly in his mouth and I set the hook and had a great fight on my hands. I had a great time with this rod and i could not help but agree with Will about the rods ability to cast like butter.

A new rod on an old pond

I have been behind in my posts due to a full work schedule and final exams at Webster or what Will refers to as bladders (long but funny story) and haven't had time to fish either. I have been fishing a small lake, where I used to live and have been pleasantly surprised by a second spawn of long ear sunfish and blue gills.

I have made this spot my go to choice for inner city warm water fishing and I must say the shore action has been out of this world. I plan to float tube it soon to try and track down some hog size bass that are literally never fished on past the shore access.
These recent trips have produced fish on all my top water flies including hoppers which seem to dominate the fishing here. I have also used a bass popper that the fish attack with an aggression have not seen in a long time.
Actually most of the top water strikes are brutal with fish slashing the surface to engulf the fly. Bill thanks for following my blog and the popper I use is a white and green concave face with a black tail section with big white legs. The fish here love it and I was surprised due to its rather large size. I also use an odd pink and white hopper which is also very large and the natural tan hopper in a size 12 which is a killer here. I really adore this small lake it is so amazing and is 10 to 15 minutes from my house. I feel like I'm in a completely different world when i fish this place and I can't wait to fish for bigger bass and the carp that prowl the back water of the lake.