Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A new rod on an old pond

I have been behind in my posts due to a full work schedule and final exams at Webster or what Will refers to as bladders (long but funny story) and haven't had time to fish either. I have been fishing a small lake, where I used to live and have been pleasantly surprised by a second spawn of long ear sunfish and blue gills.

I have made this spot my go to choice for inner city warm water fishing and I must say the shore action has been out of this world. I plan to float tube it soon to try and track down some hog size bass that are literally never fished on past the shore access.
These recent trips have produced fish on all my top water flies including hoppers which seem to dominate the fishing here. I have also used a bass popper that the fish attack with an aggression have not seen in a long time.
Actually most of the top water strikes are brutal with fish slashing the surface to engulf the fly. Bill thanks for following my blog and the popper I use is a white and green concave face with a black tail section with big white legs. The fish here love it and I was surprised due to its rather large size. I also use an odd pink and white hopper which is also very large and the natural tan hopper in a size 12 which is a killer here. I really adore this small lake it is so amazing and is 10 to 15 minutes from my house. I feel like I'm in a completely different world when i fish this place and I can't wait to fish for bigger bass and the carp that prowl the back water of the lake.

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  1. Man those are some pretty gills! I love the variations and how each fish almost has a fingerprint to distinguish it from the others. It's awesome that you caught that many; sounds like a fun day!