Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just another pond

I drove out to my in laws in anticipation of a road trip to Montauk State park with the guys(Will and Chris) and waited rather impatiently for the next morning. I decided it would be a good idea to pregame, so I headed to one of the many ponds that dot the area in which my folks live. I usually skip this one pond in particular because while it is not widely known it is very visible to highway traffic. I decided to fish this little pond because of the open banks which turned out to be a very nice perk. I quickly tied on a little hopper and began to tempt some fish into a tasty morsel. I became impatient so I retied a very nice looking olive woolly bugger and yes Will it did have flash. I soon found myself fighting a very healthy long ear around nine inches. I must have fallen into some amazing fishing time warp because within a thirty minute span I had landed four more long ears and a very nice blue gill. I worked the bank around the pond till I came to a small cove that was choked with weeds and massive cattails.

I should have turned around because the spot called for an expert cast without any room for error. I hung my next three casts into the cattails and the aquatic foliage that ringed the cove. I gave it one more try and placed the olive bugger a foot from the opposite bank, within seconds I was rewarded with a giant swirl next to the bank. I had hooked a great fish and it began taking line rather quickly, I soon decided that I was in over my head because I had failed to see that there was no where to land the fish. The weeds and cattails ringed this area of the pond so I lifted my rod over shrubbery and I threaded the needle through many other obstacles. Just when I thought I was ready to land this thug of a pan fish i was faced with an overhanging tree that I had to cross to safely land the fish. I got on my hands and knees while fighting the fish and put a leg into the water to side step the twisted tree. Finally I was able to lift the fish into the weed free bank and brought the fish to hand. I sat down and replayed the epic battle through my head, this fish had fought valiantly and i marvelled at the size of this fish. This was the biggest fish I had ever caught on my fly rod and I must say it was an amazing battle on my three weight. After all was said and done I had caught a couple small bass and around six or seven very decent long ears and hefty blue gills.

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  1. Those are some nice, healthy 'gills, Ron! Great job!