Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fishing in the city

Being that I am a transplant from California, I usually associate cities with traffic, smog, and too much competition over public land for outdoor activities. While I keep pushing my wife to move to a remote location in Colorado, Oregon, or Montana I find myself at peace with living in the STL. I can easily fish three bodies of water near my work and at least that many from my home. I find solace in the fact that I can get away from the stress and madness of my life and unwind on any number of waterways and inpoundments that Missouri has to offer.

I made my way to forest park to fish until dark and in the hopes of landing a few bg's and bass. I worked the shoreline near the shallow end of the lake and fished a small hopper. I quickly began missing hit after hit of rising fish trying to fit the hopper into their rather small mouths. Finally I found a blue gill with a large enough mouth to take the hopper. I caught a couple more bg's that were pretty small and that fit in the palm of hand. I had a blast fishing the hopper and I even tempted a small bass that fought very handsomely on the end of my 3 wt fly rod. All in all it was a great way to end the day, I can hardly wait till this lake is filled with trout. On the ride home I caught myself dreaming about cold weather and fat trout and how excited I would be to fish them without a 3 or 4 hour drive.


  1. Jefferson is just full of those great, growing gills. I don't think they get to much attention there since the focus is on cats...and that leads me to believe there are some very large, very wary hogs in there somewhere. Enticing.

    Plus there are some nice Wipers in there; very fun on a 3wt.

    Good post--you got me wanting to get back on the water.

  2. Great post, Ron! You've done better than I have at Jefferson! It is very convenient though, I often forget it's there.

  3. Hi Ron
    Just saw where you became one of my followers. I hope you enjoy the post I will be putting out. I think you and I have a lot in common,in that we both love to trout fish but are just too far away from a decent stream to really enjoy the catch. I enjoyed your post on using the 3 wt. I too have a 3 wt Temple Fork, and I don't have to tell how much fun it is to land an oversize fish on it. I will looking forward to your next post. Again thanks for becoming part of my group.