Saturday, August 14, 2010

The first of many firsts

After having some drinks Will asked me if I would join him at a secret pond just out side of St. Louis. Seriously who could say no to a secret pond with hopes of catching ping pong paddle sized panfish. I could not, so we met at the pond just in time to see the sun sun come up over the small pond. i brought my spinning rod as a back up but decided to be adventurous and start with my nine foot five weight fly rod.

It was my first time fishing a fly setup and needless to say it was a fruitless and rocky start. I asked multiple questions to get my bearings and continued working out the kinks of getting the fly on the water to the fish. I watched will pull in a nice bass and a few chunky sunfish. I was chomping at the bit to hook some fish, so i quickly switched to my spinning outfit and shortly tied into a decent sunfish. This fish was tough looking the kind of body builder look that sunfish get when they are super healthy and get that meat bulge on top of their heads. We moved around the pond and caught a few more before venturing down to a small stream that had been blown out by night time rain showers. I caught a really cool long ear out of a little pool and will caught a creek chub near a very large blown down tree. The stream was bordered by lush trees on both sides and in one area part of a dead tree formed a portal that showed a blue sky flecked with wispy clouds. Altogether it was a fun time talking and getting to know each other and more importantly discussing future fishing trips.

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